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Manufacturers Index - Welch & Chipman
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This bandsaw maker was the successor to Welch, Harrison & Co.. The transition happened sometime between 1868 and 1871. It appears that Welch & Chipman did not survive long after 1871 but data on this maker is very sparse.

The titular Welch was William P. Welch, but we have no information on the identify of Mr. Chipman.

Information Sources

  • A bandsaw with this name on it is in the collection of the Maine State Museum in Augusta, ME. It also carries a patent date of 1868-06-16, which corresponds to a bandsaw blade-guide patent granted to William P. Welch of Boston. The saw is also marked with the Boston locale.
  • Seen on eBay: an 1871 bandsaw brochure from this maker.
  • An 1867 carriage-wheel patent was co-assigned to a George W. Chipman of Lynn, MA. A George W. Chipman of Boston was granted an 1868 patent for a carpet lining. We could not find any other patents or other information regarding a "mechanic" named Chipman who was in Boston in the right era. It is equally possible that the titular Chipman was of a non-technical background.
  • An 1865 Boston city directory has the following entries for Chipman:
    • Chipman Adin B. 132 Hanover
    • Chipman Charles, mason, house 139 Canton
    • Chipman Charles E. mason, boards 139 Canton
    • Chipman Charles H. printer, 15 Water, b. Jefferson House.
    • Chipman Daniel M. captain, house 29 Athens
    • Chipman Ebenezer, fishdealer, Broadway, corner E, house 66 F
    • Chipman Edward, sealer, B. & P. R. R. boards 55 Indiana place
    • Chipman Geo. A. (Geo. W. Chipman & Co.), 119 Milk, house 23 Rutland square
    • Chipman Geo. W. & Co. (Geo. A. Chipman), carpets, &c. 119 Milk, house at Melrose
    • Chipman James C. W. 4 Commerce, h. 139 Canton
    • Chipman James G. tinsmith, house 29 Auburn
    • Chipman John, agent, 119 Milk, h. at Marlboro'
    • Chipman Samuel, salesman, 360 Wash. b. 21 Eliot
    • Chipman Sarah B. Mrs. house 22 Gouch
    • Chipman Wm. H. clerk, 119 Milk, b. at Melrose
    • Chipman Wm. H. conductor 0 C. &. N. R. R. bds. at Milton
    • Chipman —, machinist, boards 33 Lowell