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Manufacturers Index - R. D. Eaglesfield
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Robert Davy Eaglesfield of Indianapolis received patents for molding machines and a stock-feeding mechanism. A 1920 molder patent was jointly assigned to Eaglesfield and Anton Vonnegut, who was the founder and owner of the Vonnegut Moulder Corp. The stock-feed patent, awarded 1930, was assigned to Oliver Machinery Co. The 1920 molder design was apparently not produced by Eaglesfield; rather, it was produced under license by Vonnegut.

In 1929, Oliver Machinery Co. purchased Eaglesfield-Link, which is assumed to be the successor company to R. D. Eaglesfield.

Information Sources

  • From posting to oldwwmachines list. The poster, Stephen Thomas, has a tablesaw with direct motor drive (DMD), where the arbor is an extension of the motor shaft.
  • An ad in a 1920 issue of The Wood-Worker shows their new direct-connected swing saw; another ad in the same issue is for Vonnegut Machine Co., and shows their Eaglesfield molder.
  • Ads in 1955-56 Hitchcock's Wood Workers Digest Directory for used "direct motor driven ball bearing swing saw" and "hand block belt sander."
  • An owwm.org posting says that R. D. Eaglesfield's molder design was produced by Vonnegut and not by Eaglesfield's company.