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Manufacturers Index - Sprague-Hayes Manufacturing Co.

Sprague-Hayes Manufacturing Co.
Detroit, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Sprague-Hayes Manufacturing Co. was established in 1919 and is remembered for a clever patented drill press table with integral vise. The company was dissolved less than two years later; the following year, 1922, Modern Machine Tool Co. announced that they had acquired the rights to the table/vise from the original inventor, along with the tools, patterns, raw materials and stock of finished vises from Sprague-Hayes.

Information Sources

  • 1919-10-16 The Iron Trade Review.
    DETROIT.—The Sprague Hayes Mfg. Co. has been chartered with $10,000 capital to manufacture machinery, by E. W. Sprague, 100 Canfield avenue, and others.
  • 1919-10-30 The Iron Trade Review.
    Machine tool specialties will be manufactured by the Sprague-Hayes Mfg. Co., 40-42-44 Leonard street east, Detroit, which recently was incorporated with $10,000 capital. At present the company does not contemplate the erection of a plant. Officers of the company are: President, E. W. Sprague; vice president, Fred Heal, and secretary, R. F. Hayes.
  • 1921-07-30 Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record lists "Notices of Dissolution", including Sprague-Hayes Mfg. Co., Detroit.
  • June 1922 American Machine and Tool Record.
    Modern Machine Tool Co., Jackson, Mich., has taken over from the Sprague-Hayes Mfg. Co., of Detroit, Mich., the manufacture of a special combination table and vise for use on drilling machines. This device will now be manufactured by the Modern Machine Tool Co. on a royalty basis, under license from the inventor, George H. Cocks, of Adrian, Mich. With the manufacturing rights the Modern Machine Tool Co. acquired the tools, patterns, jigs, fixtures, etc., and also the stock of raw materials and finished table-vises which the Sprague-Hayes Mfg. Co. had on hand.