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Manufacturers Index - Waters Governor Co.
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      The Waters Governor Works, established by Mr. Charles Waters for the purpose of manufacturing steam-engine governors on a patent issued to Mr. Waters January 3, 1871, were located in Everett, about eight years ago, in a building formerly owned by Hervey Waters and designed by him for a scythe factory. Mr. Charles Waters died in 1880, and Mr. Edward Dewey purchased the business and on April 27, 1882, became owner of the factory at Everett, where he shortly after commenced manufacturing operations, which were continued by himself and Mr. R. B. Lincoln, under the firm-name of Edward Dewey & Co., until the death of Mr. Dewey, April 9, 1890. Since that time the business has been carried on by Mr. Lincoln, the surviving partner. The establishment employs from forty to fifty hands and manufactures from 2500 to 4000 steam governors annually.

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