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Manufacturers Index - Alum-Screen Patio & Mfg., Inc.

Alum-Screen Patio & Mfg., Inc.
Miami, FL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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In 1957 Alum-Screen Patio & Manufacturing, Inc., made the Porta-Saw miter saw and Safe-Guard double miter saw. As the company name implies, these saws were originally developed for cutting non-ferrous metals, though according to the manufacturer they could also be used to cut plastics, plastic laminates and wood.

Information Sources

  • We learned of this maker from an owwm.org forum discussion.
  • A 1957 issue of Modern Metals.

    New Miter Saws

    Alum-Screen Patio & Mfg., Inc., Miami Fla., producer of customized aluminum screen enclosures, has set up a separate division to handle a line of high speed, precision power saws. Designed specifically for cutting rolled extruded stock in aluminum, other non-ferrous metals, plastic, formica and wood, the line consists of the Porta/Saw for chop or single mitering and Safe-Guard for double mitering.

    Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel, both models are reported to sell at far less than most others on the market. Porta/Saw miters at any angle from 45° to 90°, delivering quick accurate cuts with a capacity of 400 to 500 cph. Safe-Guard handles true double miter, and has a capacity of 800 cph. Saws are easily moved on the job without dismantling.