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Manufacturers Index - Excelsior Needle Co.
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Torrington Company

      Incorporated Aug. 22, 1898, in Me., to manufacture sewing machines and knitting machine needles, bicycle spokes, nipples and swaging machinery. Factories located in this country and in England and Germany. The plants of the company are as follows: The Excelsior Needle Co., Torrington, Conn. (the main plant), manufacturing sewing machine needles, knitting machine needles and hook needles; also, machinery and minor articles. In 1914, the Excelsior Needle Co. took over the National Needle Co., Springfield, Mass., manufacturing sewing machine needles; Standard Co., Torrington, Conn. (capital, $1,200,000, all owned by Torrington Co.), manufacturing spokes, nipples and pedals for bicycles; the Coventry Swaging Co., Ltd., Coventry, England, manufacturing bicycle spokes, nipples and sewing machine needles; the Metallwaaren Gesellschaft, m. b. h., of Aachen, Germany, manufacturing sewing machine needles, knitting machine needles and hook needles. Company also has important interests in two smaller factories in the United States and purchased a small knitting needle factory in Canada in 1914.

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