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Manufacturers Index - Montgomery & Co.
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Montgomery & Co., a firm apparently consisting of George T. Montgomery and Frank Lambert, was a New York City machinery and tool supplier that in 1901 patented and introduced a tapping attachment. As best we can tell, this tapping attachment was sold only until 1904.

Information Sources

  • August 1899 Machinery has an advertisement for Montgomery & Co.'s tool catalog.
  • Text ad in August 1904 Machinery: "Lambert Automatic Tapping Machines / Montgomery & Co. / 105-107 Fulton St., New York City."
  • August 1905 Machinery lists Montgomery & Co., New York, as a supplier of "Tools". They are not listed as a supplier of tapping machines or taps and dies.
  • 1913-07-03 American Machinist lists Montgomery & Co. as a supplier of files and rasps; machinists' small tools; chucking lathes; machine shop supplies; saw frames and hacksaw blades; steel stamps; taps and dies; and music wire
  • October 1916 Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment lists Montgomery & Co., Inc., 105-107 Fulton St., New York, as a maker of taps and dies.