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Manufacturers Index - John B. Stevens Co.

John B. Stevens Co.
New York, NY; Somersville, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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John B. Stevens, Inc. was formed in 1925 to take over the business of the failed Garvin Machine Co. They continued manufacturing most of the Garvin product lineup—milling machines, lathes, drill presses, grinders, etc.—but discontinued or sold off the machinery manufacturing to specialize in rotary tables. The company was formally dissolved in 1967.

Information Sources

  • From a 1924 issue of Machinery
    John B. Stevens, J. Goldsmith, and R. Frankel, who were connected for over twenty-five years with the Garvin Machine Co. of New York City, have bought the entire screw machine line made by that, company. The machines, as well as replacements...
  • 1925 catalog from John B. Stevens Company, Trade Catalogs on Machine Tools: Milling Machines, Lathes, Drills, Adjustable Tool Tables, Spindles, Tapping Machines, Grinders, Threading Machines, Chucks, Screw Machines, Oil Pumps ....
  • From a 1925 issue of The Iron Age.
    Garvin Machine Tools Offered by John B. Stevens, Inc.—Screw machines, duplex millers, duplex slotters, cutter and reamer grinders, surface grinders and oil pumps previously manufactured by the Garvin Machine Co., New York, are being built and markted by John B. Stevens, Inc., 27 Cleveland Place, New York. The same company manufactures the Stevens screw head slotters, hand or speed lathes, milling machine vises, multiple spindle centers and duplex horizontal, boring, tapping and threading machines. It will act as distributor for the Garvin cam cutters, profilers, hand millers and air devices of the Frew Machine Co., Philadelphia, and will be agent for the Skinner-Garvin air chucks of the Skinner Chuck Co., New Britain, Conn. J. B. Stevens, president and treasurer of John B. Stevens, Inc., J. Goldsmith, vice president, and R. Frankel, secretary, were connected for many years with the Garvin Machine Co.
  • From a 1925 issue of American Machinist.
    John B. Stevens, Inc.
    Makers of Machine Tools
    <27 Cleveland Pl, New York, N. Y.
    We have in our possession the following BRAND NEW machine tools lately finished by the Garvin Machine Co., however, not be be catalogued by us as future manufactures of such items, and which we are offering at the following prices...
  • The 1950 publication, Manual on thermometry: with emphasis on thermocouple techniques, by Henry Dean Baker of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corp., mentions Stevens Rotary Tables from John B. Stevens, Inc.
  • From a 1952 issue of Machinery.
    John B. Stevens, Inc., has changed the company name to John B. Stevens Co. Also announced was the removed from 480 Canal St., New York City, to Somersville, Conn. The company manufactures machine tool accessories known...
  • From a 1952 issue of Modern Machine Shop.
    Rotary and Adjustable Tilting Tables. The John B. Stevens Co., Main St., Somersville, Conn., has released an eight-page two-color bulletin describing and illustrating its line of rotary tables and adjustable tilting tables which have a wide range of usefulness in toolrooms, model...
  • From a 1966 Memoranda Filed in the Superior Court and Courts of Common Pleas of the State of Connecticut.
    NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION / THE JOHN B. STEVENS COMPANY — Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 33-379 of the General Stateus of the State of Connecticut, that The John B. Stevens Company, a Connecticut corporation having its principal place of business in Somersville, Connecticut, has been dissolved by resolution adopted by its directors and shareholders, effective March 24, 1967. All creditors of said corporation...