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Manufacturers Index - Charles W. Brown
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In 1847, Charles W. Brown was making an improved Woodworth-style planer.

Information Sources

  • From the Report of the Judges of the 1847 Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Boston.
    Charles W. Brown, Boston. Planing Machine, and Gears for connecting Rolls. The planing machine is an improvement on the Woodworth patent; and consists in connecting the feeding-rolls, on the stationary roller, with the moveable roller, giving them adverse rotations, by gearing, and allowing them, at the same time, to be at a greater or less distance apart, through the operation of auxiliary gears, connected with each other, and each connected with the wheels on the shafts of the rollers. This improvement gives a more perfect feed, and dispenses with the ordinary elongated tooth-gearing. Diploma.