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Manufacturers Index - Merrimac Machine Shop
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Established in 1853 and lasting until at least 1888, the Merrimac Machine Shop, proprietor Albert Blood, manufactured stationary and portable steam engines.

Information Sources

  • 1866 J. M. Bradstreet & Son's Gazetteer of the Manufactures and Manufacturing Towns of the United States lists Albert Blood as a machinist, and his firm as a supplier of mill gearing and shafting.
  • 1873 Lawrence Directory, published by Sampson, Davenport & Co., has an ad for "Geo. E. Cross, Mechanical Draughtsman, Pattern and Model Maker, At Merrimac Machine Shop, Near Merrimac Foundry, Lawrence, Mass."
  • The 1878 Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts.
    Merrimac Machine-Shop is widely known, as is the proprietor, Albert Blood, who for many years has done a general business in iron work, mill shafting, and portable engines. Mr. Blood superintended building of spinning machinery for woollen mills, in the old Essex Company’s machine-shop.
  • 1881 Lawrence Directory, published by Sampson, Davenport & Co., has an ad for Merrimac Machine Shop, Albert Blood, proprietor.
  • The 1888 book, History of Essex County, Massachusetts.
    The Merrimac Machine-shop is a private enterprise; Albert Blood, proprietor; commenced business in 1853. From twelve to twenty persons are employed here in the manufacture of heavy ironwork, dye-house machinery, steam-engines, steam fire pumps, etc. This is an outgrowth of the old Lawrence Machine Shop, Mr. Blood being formerly in charge of the building of woolen machinery in that establishment.