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Manufacturers Index - C. A. Robbins & Sons
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      "C. A. Robbins & Sons occupy a machine shop 40 x 45 feet, two stories, foundry 34 x 40 feet, one story, for the manufacture of machinery and castings, commencing here in the spring of 1869. A 6 horse-power Huntoon engine supplies the power. The business has not progressed far enough yet to give any reliable information about it." (Quote from 1869.)

      "The firm of C. A. Robbins & Sons, iron founders and machinists, was formed in 1869, by Charles A. and his sons, E. Everett and Albert A. Robbins. They bought at that time the premises on the corner of Bridge and High streets, and put up buildings which they used till they were burned in 1882. The old shops were replaced by new ones the same year, and the name of the firm was not changed when Charles A. Robbins died April 9, 1884, nor when E. E. Robbins died in 1892. The number of employees is fifteen, manufacturing saw and grist mill machinery, iron and brass castings, shafting and pulleys; but the principal specialty of the factory is machinery for stowing and shipping ice." (Quote from 1892.)

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