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Manufacturers Index - Gibbes Machinery Co.
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Gibbes Machinery Co. was in business by 1907. By 1908 they were manufacturing shingle machines and edgers. They were selling sawmills, lath mills, swing saw, and heavy and light planer-molders but it seems mostly likely that they were just dealers for these products. The machinery lineup lasted into the 1920s. Meanwhile, the Gibbes company was involved in automotive maintenance and dealership, becoming a Packard dealer and then a VolksWagen dealer and manufacturer of modified VW trucks and wagons.

Gibbes Machinery was a seller of steam and gasoline engines. They were definitely a seller for small gasoline engines made by Reeves Pulley Co., and they may have made engines in-house as well.

Information Sources

  • May 1907 The Southern Planter has an ad from American Saw Mill Machinery Co. that lists Gibbes Machinery Co. as an agent for their sawmills.
  • 1907-11-14 Manufacturers' RecordSkew Machinery.—Gibbes Machinery Co., 854 West Gervais street, Columbia, S. C., wants to correspond with makers of machinery for manufacturing meat skewers.
  • 1908-07-09 Manufacturers' Record has a small ad: "Gibbes Machinery Co. / Founders and Machinists / Power Plants a Specialty / Steam and Gasoline Engines; Portable and Stationary Boilers; Sawmills; Edgers; Planers; Moulders; Lath, Stave and Shingle Mills; Grinding Mills; Ginning Machinery; Brick-making Outfits. / Anything in Machinery / Write for Catalog "G." Columbia, S. C."
  • 1908-11-19 The Iron Age.
    The foundry of the Gibbes Machinery Company, Columbia, S. C., was destroyed by fire November 9.
  • 1908-12-03 The Iron Age.
    The Gibbes Machinery Company, Columbia, S. C., is rebuilding its foundry, which was recently destroyed by fire, and has purchased practically all the equipment it will require.
  • 1908-12-24 The Iron Age.
    Woodworking Machinery.—Gibbs Machinery Company, Columbia, S. C. Circulars. These illustrate and describe briefly the Gibbs sawmill, which is made in all the standard sizes; a portable shingle machine, an improved gang lath mill and bolter, a swing cut-off saw, a planer, matcher and molder for heavy work, and the Little Giant planer and molder for use in small planing mills and carpenter and cabinet shops.
  • May 1912 The Concrete Age has an ad for a concrete mixer from Milwaukee Concrete Machinery & Mixer Co., which lists "Gibbs Machinery Co." of Columbia, S. C., as a representative.
  • 1913-11-13 Farm Implement News has an ad for gasoline engines made by the Reeves Pulley Co., and Gibbes Machinery Co. of Columbia, SC, is listed as a "distributing jobber".
  • November 1914 Packages has an ad from Gibbes Machinery Co., listing used veneer machinery for sale.
  • 1915-09-30 Farm Implements lists "A. M. Gibbs, Gibbs Machinery Company, Columbia S. C." as a new member of the National Gas Engine Association.
  • November 1917 The Wood-Worker has an ad for McDonough Manufacturing Co.'s new 54-inch resaw, and "Gibbs Machinery Co., Columbia, S. C." is listed as a dealer.
  • Seen on eBay: 1919 letterhead for "Gibbes Machinery Company / Manufacturers and Jobbers / steam and gasoline engines, boilers, ginning machinery, saw mill and woodworking machinery, silo fillers, lighting plants, automobiles and accessories, motor car parts. / Gibbes' shingle machines, Gibbes edgers, drag saws, etc., threshers, corn mills, L. S. baling presses, machine tools, tractors, machine and repair shops and foundry."
  • 1919-12-13 The Country Gentleman has an ad for American Saw Mill Machinery Co. that lists Gibbes Machinery Co. of Columbia, S. C., as a distributor of their sawmills.
  • 1921-10-20 The Iron Trade Review.COLUMBIA, S. C.—The Gibbs Machinery Co. is changing its machine shop to electric drive and is installing special machinery to repair cotton gins, etc.
  • There is a 1988 book by A. Mason Gibbes: Gibbes Machinery Company : a History, which we have not seen and seems not to have been published. The University of South Carolina's library possesses the only copy we could locate.