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Manufacturers Index - Fischer Manufacturing Co.

Fischer Manufacturing Co.
Williamsport, PA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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From April 1922 The Wood-Worker

In 1903, Frank Stutzman obtained a cutterhead patent; a one-fourth share of the patent was assigned to one Abraham Fischer of Williamsport. The Stutzman Cutter Head Co. was established and that firm manufactured the cutterhead until 1917 or a bit before. At that time Tawney Machine Co. began manufacturing the Stutzman patent cutterhead. But by 1920, the Fischer Manufacturing Co. was also manufacturing essentially the same cutterheads. The latest mention we have found for Fischer Mfg. Co. is from October of 1923.

Information Sources

  • April 1920 The Wood-Worker has a full-page ad from Fischer Manufacturing Company for their Stutzman round safety cylinder heads, "for jointers, buzz planers, moulders and surfacers, the knives cut on same angle as square heads".
  • May 1922 The Wood-Worker has ads from both Tawney Machine Co. and Fischer Manufacturing Co., with both ads appeared on the same page and both ads featuring Stutzman Round Safety Cylinder Heads.
  • October 1923 The Wood-Worker has an ad from Fischer Manufacturing Company, Williamsport Pennsylvania: "Round Safety Cylinder Heads for Jointers Buzz Planers Moulders".