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Manufacturers Index - John P. Denning
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In From 1889 until at least 1906, Jno. P. Denning made a line of "drop carvers". These machines emboss wood using a combination of pressure and a heated die. Mr. Denning designed and carved the dies himself.

Information Sources

  • From the 1895 book, Terre Haute Up-To-Date.
    John P. Denning.—...John P. Denning, manufacturer of embossing dies, at No. 214 South First Street. Mr. Denning started his business in 1889, and to-day has a trade that extends throughout the United States and Canada, and has done much to establish the reputation of Terre Haute as a great commercial center. The particular kind of dies made are those for embossing furniture and fancy wodwork, and they are made from special or furnished designs, in any style. Mr. Denning furnishes special designs and drawings without extra charge; and makes dies from them. He is a native of Indiana and one of its most respected citizens, always standing in the front rank to further any idea that will benefit his city.