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Manufacturers Index - Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Co.

Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Co.
New Haven, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Co. was created in 1899 with the reorganization of the Lavigne & Scott Manufacturing Co. following that firm's successful introduction of an automatic screw machine. That machine had been developed and patented by the company's manager and namesake, Joseph P. Lavigne.

The company disappeared around 1902 and was was officially dissolved in 1904 after failing to pay taxes for two years.

Information Sources

  • 1904 Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey lists Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Co. as one of many corporations whose charters were voided for failure to pay a new New Jersey tax first assessed in 1901.
  • The 1899-07-15 Scientific American has an article on this company's screw machine. It mentions, "The Lavigne universal automatic screw machine was invented and introduced by the Lavigne & Scott Manufacturing Company, about two years ago, and these machines met with such success that it became necessary that the facilities for manufacturing machines should be greatly enlarged. The result was the founding of the Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Company as successors to the Lavigne & Scott Manufacturing Company."
  • The 1899 French-language book Congrès Nationaux: Histoire Et Statistiques Des Canadiens-Americains Du Connecticut has a biography of Joseph Lavigne, identified as the founder of Lavigne Automatic Manufacturing Co.