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Manufacturers Index - Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co.

Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co.
Akron, OH; Chicago, IL (USA); & St. Catherines, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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"Diamond" Mower Knife Sharpener

Founded in 1854.

      “The Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of mowing and reaping machine knives, sickles, sections and parts of cutting apparatus, “Diamond” twist drills, reamers and collateral lines, wood handle and drop forged wrenches, lawn mowers, haying tools, such as hay carriers, forks, pulleys, etc., spring keys and cotters. rubber pad horse-shoes, hammers, planer knives and cutters for wood-working machinery. In 1848 the predecessors and founders of the present corporation, The Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Company, commenced in a very small way to make knives and sickles for mowing and reaping machines. They were the first in this country to engage in the manufacture of these parts. From the small beginning in 1848 this firm has advanced and increased until now it has three factories—one at Akron, Ohio. occupied exclusively in the manufacture of Diamond twist drills and collateral lines; one at Chicago, Ill., at which factory they manufacture knives and sections, wrenches, lawn mowers, hay tools, spring keys and cotters, and rubber-pad horse shoes; one at St. Catharines, Ontario, where they manufacture knives and sections, hammers, haying tools, planer knives and cutters for wood-working machinery. Their factories are equipped with the most modern machinery, and they employ a very large n-umber of skilled mechanics, which enables them to produce goods equal to any upon the market, and at a price which allows them to compete successfully in the trade. Their brands are extensively known, not only in this country, but in all foreign countries, and their trademark, “Diamond W. & B.,” is a trade name the world over and a guarantee of the quality of the goods manufactured.

      In the past two years they have materially changed their manner and way of handling their business with the trade, abolishing their branch-house system for the purpose of allying themselves directly with the jobbing trade. This change meets with the hearty approval of the jobbers over the country, and they are fast associating themselves with this company in handling their large line of products.

      The Akron factory is managed by George A. Barnes, who has been long associated with the company. The Chicago factory is managed by W. H. Eager. The St. Catharines factory is managed by W. W. Cox, who has been for -many years an officer of the company, and who stands very high, not only in the States, -but in Canada. A. D. Armitage, who also has been connected with this company for many years, is general manager of manufacture.

      The oflicers of the company are: C. E. Sheldon, president; W. W. Cox, vice-president; Frank H. Hiscock, second vice-president; Wm. Stone, treasurer; C. E. Caskey, assistant treasurer; James Barnes, secretary; W. H. Gifford, chairman; Frank Hiscock, general counsel. The directors are C. E. Sheldon, George T. Perkins, George C. Kohler, C. I. Bruner, George A. Barnes, all of Akron, Ohio: Frank H. Hiscock, William Stone, V’. H. Gifford, Syracuse, New York; W. W. Cox, St. Catharines.” (Quote from 1908)

Whitman & Barnes to Make Twist Drills and Reamers Exclusively.

      “The Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co., Akron, Ohio, are now manufacturers of twist drills and reamers exclusively. The merger of their two drop forge and wrench factories at Chicago, Ill., and St. Catharines, Ont, with J. H. Williams & Co., of Brooklyn, N. Y., was officially consummated June 23rd, 1920.

      A. D. Armitage, president of Whitman & Barnes, will be vice president of J. H. Williams & Co., and W. E. Howell, Whitman & Barnes’ secretary, becomes western manager of J. H. Williams & Co., at the Chicago factory.

      The Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co. will remain in the twist drill and reamer business, retaining for this purpose its Akron, Ohio, factory where twist drills and reamers have been made in the past. The entire time and energies of its organization in the future will be directed exclusively to the manufacture and sale of twist drills and reamers. A new and enlarged plant will be constructed, the plans for which are rapidly developing. \Vhen completed, the new factory will be the last word in equipment and facilities for producing twist drills and reamers and will rank among the largest of its class in the country. The present plant facilities are unable to supply the demand for W. & B. twist drills and reamers, and the company reports constantly increasing sales over production.” (Quote from 1920)

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