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Manufacturers Index - Trask Milling Machine Co.

Trask Milling Machine Co.
Portland, ME; Boston, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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The Trask Milling Machine Co. apparently manufactured milling machines. Charles M. Trask, of Lynn, Mass., assigned an 1890 multi-spindle horizontal milling-machine patent to this firm and gave their location as Portland, ME. All other (later) mentions we have found give the location as Boston. The firm went under in 1899 without ever seeming to really get off the ground. We have found no evidence of a surviving Trask milling machine and so far we have not found any ads or articles showing such a machine. An 1892 mention in The Iron Age refers to milling cutters made by this firm.

Information Sources

  • We learned of this maker from patent records. Only the one patent was assigned to them. Charles H. Trask's patent history indicates that he spent his earlier career designing shoe machinery and cutters. One later patent was for a corn-stock cutter.
  • 1890-05-23 The Electrical Engineer lists some companies that are using electric motors in their plants, including "one 10 h.p. to Trask Milling Machine Company, Boston,running machine shop".
  • 1891 Sampson, Murdock & Co.'s Boston Almanac and Business Directory lists "Trask Milling Machine Co. 118 South".
  • 1892-03-17 The Iron Age: "The Trask Milling Machine Company of Boston. Mass, have an entire new departure in the making of milling cutters by a milling process in gangs instead of turning one at a time, thus insuring absolutely perfect shape. Any standard cutter can be duplicated."
  • The Massachusetts. Dept. of the State Auditor's 1893 Annual Report (published January 1894) lists "foreign corporation fees", including $15 from Trask Milling Machine Co.
  • 1899-12-28 American Machinist has an ad from machinery reseller Hill, Clarke & Co. of Boston: "SPECIAL SALE. Machinery and Tools of the Trask Milling Machine Co. Must be Sold and Removed within a Short Time as Real Estate has been Sold..."