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Manufacturers Index - Superior Machine Co.; F. H. Bultman & Co.

Superior Machine Co.; F. H. Bultman & Co.
Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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The Superior Machine Co. of Cleveland was established in 1893 by Frederick H. Bultman to manufacture electric railway supplies and gear cutting machines. In late 1898 that company was succeeded by F. H. Bultman & Co. which continued to manufacture the same line of gear making machinery. In late 1906 the gear machinery was still in production when the F. H. Bultman Co. was formed by F. H. Bultman, Jr., and the new company purchased the interest of Bultman Sr. and his "F. H. Bultman & Co." It appears that production of gear making machinery ceased in favor of making and selling gears. The company survived into the mid-1950s, with a last gasp making motorized kiddie rides.

Information Sources

  • 1893-01-05 The Iron Trade Review lists Superior Machine Co. of Cleveland as a maker of gear cutters and iron working tools.
  • 1893-4 Cleveland Directory lists F. H. Bultman as the president and treasurer of the Superior Machine Co., maker of electric railway supplies and "manufacturers of automatic gear cutters."
  • The 1896-97 Cleveland Directory lists "Bultman Frederick H. pres. and treas. The Superior Machine Co. 196 Canal r. 49 Vienna". An ad mentions that they were makers of electric railway supplies and manufacturers of automatic gear cutters.
  • The 1899-1900 Cleveland Directory lists "Bultman F. H. & Co., successors to the Superior Machine Co., genera machinists. Printers' and bookbinders' machinery, new and old. Mnfrs. of 'The Superior' automatic gear cutters. Gear cutting of all kinds. 106 and 10 Canal St."
  • 1899-08-03 The Iron Age: "F. H. Bultman & Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, describe in a neat catalogue their full automatic universal gear cutting machines. It is stated that the 36-inch machine will carry the full limit of any gear cutter of Brown & Sharpe make up to 2 diametric or 1½-inch circular pitch of 5 inch diameter, and is readily regulated to suit any pitch or material. Among the many excellent features of this machine is a patented safety device which prevents the blanks from being spoiled. The device is positive in its action and the cutter will absolutely not enter the work unless it is properly spaced. All delicate and intricate mechanism has been studiously avoided in the design and strength and solidity secure where needed."
  • 1899-12-14 The Iron Age: "F. H. Bultman & Co. report that the demand for their automatic gear cutters is the greatest ever experienced, and they are now three months behind on deliveries, with business on the decided increase. Last month they made a 5 per cent. increase on the price of their machines. A number of orders are coming from abroad, and shipments have recently been made to France and Germany. Mr. Bultman states that cut gears are rapidly taking the place of cast gears in machinery of all kinds, being cheaper in the long run because of their superior accuracy. The firm are also experiencing an unusually heavy demand for steel and rawhide gears."
  • 1906-06-21 The Iron Trade Review: "F. H. Bultman & Co., Cleveland, were recently awarded a large order of racks, 10 feet 6 inches long, 4? inch face, with a 1½ inch pitch, by the Panama Canal Commission."
  • 1906-10-25 The Automobile: "The F. H. Bultman Company has purchased the plant and business of F. H. Bultman, doing business as F. H. Bultman & Co., at 2108 Superior street, Cleveland, O., and will continue to do a general machinists' business and make a specialty of automobile work as in the past."
  • August 1907 Machinery has a small display ad: Worm Gears and Worms / Spiral Gears / our specialties / Write us / The F. H. Bultman Company / Cleveland, O." The same issue listed F. H. Bultman & Co. as a supplier of gears and gear cutting machinery.
  • The 1908-09 International Motor Cyclopaedia: "Bultman Co., The F. H.—2108 Superior Ave. Viaduct, Cleveland, Ohio. Mfrs. steering worms and gears, differential gears, sprocket wheels. Cap. $20,000. Est. 1893. F. H. Bultman, Pres. and Treas.; F. H. Bultman, Jr., Vice-Pres.; C. C. Bultman, Sec."
  • 1916-17 Cleveland City Directory: "Bultman F H Co machinists 2108 Superior av NW F H Bultman pres-treas F H Bultman Jr vice-pres C C Bultman sec"
  • 1917-09-27 The Iron Age: the F. H. Bultman Co. was advertising in the Iron Age: "Machine Parts in quantity, to order. Jigs, fixtures, tools, gear cutting case hardening, heat treating. F. H. Bultman & Co. / 2101-10 Superior Via., Cleveland, O."
  • 1920-05-13 Iron Trade Review: " F. H. Bultman Co., 10271 Berea road, recently increased its capital to $100,000 and will buy additional equipment, especially gear cutters, from time to time."
  • A 1947 issue of Steel: "Frederick H. Bultman, president F. H. Bultman Co., Cleveland, manufacturer of gears and special machinery, died Sept. 5."
  • 1955-04-09 Billboard lists F. H. Bultman Co. Amusement Equip. Div., 10271 Berea Rd., Cleveland 2, O. as makers of a "Miniature Trolley" ride.