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Manufacturers Index - Mid-Continent Mfg. Co.
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      "The Mid-Continent Manufacturing Co., of St. Louis. Mo., are installing quite a number of their well-known Brazelle governors on slide-valve engines. This is a most effective device to cause any slide-valve engine to run at a constant speed, irrespective of variation in load, and is especially adapted for use in isolated plants and stations, where engines are employed which are not governed within a small per cent. This governor is an automatic hydraulic governor, and those in need of a good governor should investigate its merits." (Quote from 1891)

      "The Mid-Continent Mfg. Co., through their energetic manager, Mr. S. W. Baud, are pushing their well-known Brazelle governors for slide valve engines, and meeting with first-class success. These governors when placed upon an ordinary engine, govern the speed under the widest variations of load, and have only to be seen in operation, to be appreciated. An ordinary engine furnished with one of these governors, becomes self-regulating in speed for the most severe electric light and street railway service." (Quote from 1891)

Information Sources

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