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Manufacturers Index - Eager Electric Co.
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From December 1905 The Electrical Age

Eager Electric Co. was established in 1901 by Henry Eager, Frank M. Bosworth and Albert H. Lafebre. They began manufacturing DC generators and dynamos. By 1905 they were also making electric motors and pedestal buffing and polishing "lathes". These products continued until at least 1921.

Henry Eager died in 1928, and the following year the business was sold to a competitor in the generator/dynamo business, the Electric Products Co. of Cleveland, who announced their intention to relocate the Eager manufacturing facilities to Cleveland.

Information Sources

  • 1901-05-29 Electricity: "Watertown, N. Y.—Articles incorporating the Eager Electric Company of this city have been filed at Albany. It is proposed to manufacture and sell electric machinery. Henry Eager Frank M. Bosworth and Albert H. Lafebre, of Watertown, are the promoters of this concern, which is capitalized at $10,000."
  • 1902-08-16 The Electrical World and Engineer: "THE A. G. SCHOONMAKER COMPANY, of 126 Liberty Street, New York City, reports a very satisfactory state of trade. This Company is the representative of the Eager Electric Company, of Watertown, N. Y., builders of direct-current apparatus. Among the recent installations of the Eager apparatus may be mentioned: J. H. Lebkuecher, Newark, N. J., six 150-kw direct-connected generators; The Analomink Paper Company, Water Gap, Pa., one 30-kw direct-connected generator; The Black River Traction Company, Watertown, N. Y., two 200-hp engine-type, direct-connected, street-railway generators; one 50-kw booster set."
  • 1904-03-26 The Electrical World: "THE EAGER ELECTRIC COMPANY, Watertown, N. Y., has issued a neat catalogue on the subject of its direct-current generators and motors for lighting and power. The generators are of the direct-connected or belted types. The company also makes motor generators, plating dynamos and boosters. These machines are of excellent design and are illustrated. The catalogue gives complete information and data regarding the various types of machines produced by the company."
  • 1905-06-20 Watertown Daily Times has a classified ad: "The Eager Electric Co. / Watertown, N. Y. / Office and Factory Corner Main and Mohawk Streets. / Manufacturers of Dynamos and Motors for Lighting and Power. / Wholesale Dealers in Electric Supplies, Electric Mill Wiring, House Wiring of All Kinds. / 'If It's Anything ELECTRICAL, We Have It'."
  • December 1905 The Electrical Age has an illustrated article on the Eager Electric Co.'s electric buffing machine (see Images tab). The article concludes, "The company claims that the entire machine is made in their shops, and that the motor is designed and built especially for buffing machine work. The machine operates at a speed between 2800 and 3000 revolutions per minute. and weighs complete, 970 pounds."
  • The 1907 Chamber of Commerce publication, The City of Watertown New York, lists members of the Chamber of Commerce, including Henry Eager of Eager Electric Co.
  • April 1910 McGraw Electric Directory lists Eager Electric Co., Watertown, N. Y., as makers of switchboard ammeters and voltmeters, direct current dynamos and motors, brush holders, and electro-plating dynamos.
  • November 1914 Mill Supplies: "Eager Electric Co., Watertown, N. Y., has increased its capital from $2,000 to $40,000."
  • April 1920 The Paper Makers Journal has a text ad: "The Eager Electric Co. / Manufacturers of / Motor-Generator Sets / Plating Dynamos and Electric Motors / Watertown, New York".
  • 1920-07-03 The Electrical World: "THE EAGER ELECTRIC COMPANY, Watertown, N. Y., manufacturer of generators, motors, etc., is planning to erect a one-story foundry in connection with its plant."
  • 1921 EMF Electrical Yearbook: "EAGER ELECTRIC CO.. THE—Watertown. N. Y. Manufacturer of motor-generator sets. electro-galvanizlng equipment. generators. etc. Business established 1901. President and general manager. Henry Eager; vice-president. Herman Engesser; secretary. treasurer and sales manager, H. Robert Eager. Sales representatives: Frederic B. Stevens, Detroit. Mich.; Boissier Electric Co.. Long Island City. N. Y.; Meeker Galvanizing Co.. 1249 Fulton St.. Chicago. Ill."
  • Ad in January 1921 The Metal Industry.
  • 1922-07-31 Watertown Daily Times reported the sudden death of Stephen Richardson Cleveland (1855 - 1922), due to "acute indigestion". "He was president of the Eager Electric company from its formation until about 1915, when he resigned."
  • December 1922 The Brass World and Platers Guide lists Eager Electric Co. as a supplier of motors, polishing lathes and heads, ammeters, dynamos, and generators.
  • A 1925 compendium of publications from the American Foundrymen's Association lists members, including "EAGER ELECTRIC CO. H. R. Eager, Treasurer, Watertown, N. Y. GI-B-A." The letters at the end indicate "Gray Iron - Brass - Aluminum".
  • 1928-07-21 Automotive Industries: "THE Eager Electric Co., Watertown, N. Y., is marketing a motor-generator set designed particularly for supplying power for electrolytic chromium plating operations, and general plating work. The sets are built in standard forms ranging from 2000 to 10,000 amp., at from 6 to 12 volts. A set consists of a slow speed, separately excited synchronous motor driving a direct current electrolytic generator. The two machines are mounted on a common base and the rotors on a common shaft provided with a two-bearing support. The bearings are Timkens. The brush holders are steel punchings plated with copper and cadmium to resist corrosion while the brush holder supports are cast integrally with the generator field frame. All connections are made of heavy copper sections and the terminals are heavy copper plates. The frame construction permits good ventilation."
  • 1928-02-15 Canandaigua Daily Messenger: "Executive Dies—Watertown, Feb. 15—Henry Eager, 68, president of the Eager Electric Company of this city, died today at a Clifton Springs sanatorium, after a long illness."
  • From a 1929 issue of Poor's Cumulative Service: "ELECTRIC PRODUCTS CO., Cleveland, Ohio ... Trustee—Central National Bank of Cleveland. Purpose of issue—The loan is made in part for the purpose of purchasing Eager Electric Co. of Watertown, N. Y.. the business of which company will be moved to Cleveland. Eager Electric Co. manufactures a similar product. There are funds provided for the enlargement of the present factory of Co. to take care of this additional business and for working capital.
  • From a 1930 issue of Railway Electrical Engineer: "The Electric Products Company, Cleveland, Ohio, has purchased the Rochester Electric Products Corporation..."
  • From 1931 Poor's Financial Records. "THE ELECTRIC PRODUCTS COMPANY (Cleveland, Ohio.) / History—Incorporated in 1911. Manufacturers special electrical equipment, including low voltage series-wound motors, battery charging units and low-voltage motor-generators. In 1929 purchased the Eager Electric Company, Watertown, N. Y., the business of which was to be moved to Cleveland. The Eager Electric Company manufactures a similar product. ..."
  • The 1949-05-16 Syracuse Herald Journal has an obituary for Edward E. Seaver of Watertown, who had died the day before. He was a mechanical draftsman and toolmaker who "worked at J. B. Wise, Inc. and Eager Electric Company."
  • The 2010 book Colorful Characters of Northern New York, by David Shampine, mentions, "Stephen R. Cleveland, who lived at 261 TenEyck Street, was sixty-eight when he died in July 1922. A banker, he served as president of the Watertown National Bank, director of Northern New York Trust Co. and trustee of Jefferson County Savings Bank. He was also president of Eager Electric Co. in Watertown."
  • Seen on eBay: a photograph of the Harmony Machine Co. Building in Watertown, NY. There is a smaller sign over one door that reads, "Eager Electric Dynamos and Motors".
  • A thorough patent searched failed to turn up any patents granted or assigned to any company named Eager Electric or any person named Eager living in Watertown.