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Manufacturers Index - Eastman Lumber Co.
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In 1894 the Eastman Lumber Co. was supposedly manufacturing a patent bark rossing removing) machine and a horizontal bandsaw for cross-cutting saw logs. The horizontal bandsaw may not have ever been manufactured in quantity, but the "Stearns Brothers patent" bark rosser was advertised for a year or so. The company seems to have down-sized in 1905 and the last traces of it we have found are some passing mentions from 1909.

From August 1894 The Canada Lumberman

Information Sources

  • Ads in 1894-96 issues of The Canada Lumberman.
  • December 1905 The Labour Gazette. "Eastman.—The Eastman Lumber Company sold by auction on November 18 the numerous articles used in connection with working its mill, such as double sleds, carts, cant-hooks, &c., also several horses, all of which brought fair prices."