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Manufacturers Index - Love & Fife
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In 1892, Love & Fife were building woodworking machinery in Beith, southwest of Glasgow. A search failed to turn up any more information on them.

Information Sources

  • 1892 issues of Timber and Wood Working Machinery carried a small text ad: "Love & Fife, Beith. Wood Working Machinery of every description. ? Messrs. Love & Fife's Wood Working Machinery is used by all the Cabinet Manufacturers in Beith."
  • 1893 textsAyrshire, Dumfriesshire, Wigtownshire, and Kirkcudbrightshire Business Directory lists Love & Fife, King's road, Beith, as blacksmiths, and as engineers and iron founders. And, observing the last sentence of those 1892 text ads: there are an even dozen cabinet-making shops in Beith, which seems a respectable number for such a small town.