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Manufacturers Index - J. W. Baldridge & Co.
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J. W. Baldridge & Co. began as a dealer (by 1874) for saw maker Henry Disston & Sons but eventually moved into manufacturing circular sawblades. That would not make them eligible for this list of makers of woodworking and metalworking machinery (plus the engines and motors that power them) but they also manufactured Hogan's patent saw gumming machine, i.e., the machine that cut out the tooth shapes. By 1887 the firm had become the Baldridge & Hogan Saw Co., which was acquired by Disston in 1901. Disston took over management of the business but continued to operate it under its own name for a decade or so.

In 1870 Patrick J. Hogan was a partner in Ritter, Hogan & Sowden, along with John T. Ritter and Adam Sowden. It appears that Ritter had left the partnership by 1874, which is when Hogan and Sowden patented a saw gumming machine, and their business had become Hogan & Sowden, which manufactured the saw gummer.

Information Sources

  • The 1883 book, The Industries of Cincinnati has an article on J. W. Baldridge & Co.: "They manufacture the celebrated P. J. Hogan gummer, that took the first premium at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition. This gummer is also simple in construction, easily adjusted, and very durable. Mr. Hogan, the inventor of this valuable device, is now a member of the firm of J. W. Baldridge & Co., and is one of the oldest saw-makers in the West."
  • 1887-07-28 , ad: "THE BALDRIDGE & HOGAN SAW CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Best English Steel Circular and Long SAWS. Gummers, Files, Swages, Emery, Leather and Gum Belting. Large Circular Saws a Specialty. All work fully warranted, and at rock bottom prices, Send for price-list... 9 VINE AND 80 WATER STREETS, Cincinnati, Ohio."
  • 1889 Cincinnati Bell Telephone Book lists Baldridge & Hogan Saw Co., 9 Vine st.
  • 1890 The Railroad, Telegraph and Steamship Builders' Directory lists Baldridge & Hogan Saw Co., 7 Vine st., Cincinnati, O., as makers/sellers of emery wheels, files and rasps, band saws [blades], and circular saws [blades].
  • Information on the 1901 Disston acquisition comes from a July 1906 Disston catalog, via the Disstonian Institute list of acquisitions.
  • 1909 Williams' Cincinnati Business Directory lists "Baldridge & Hogan Saw Co (The.) E. B. Radcliff pres, Logan L Mather secy s e c 6th and Baymiller." Radcliff was also listed as manager of The National Saw Co. (same address), and Mather was also secretary and treasurer of the Henry Disston's Sons Co.