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Manufacturers Index - Shattuck-George Iron Co.
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At the beginning of 1904 the Shattuck-George Iron Co. was founded in Wichita, KS, by lawyer Samuel W. Shattuck and businessman Fred W. George. They were wholesalers of hardware and blacksmiths' supplies to Kansas, Indian Territory, plus Colorado and New Mexico. They are listed in this index of manufacturers of woodworking and metalworking machinery because they manufactured—or, more likely had manufactured for them—a lineshaft-powered pedestal grinder. Shattuck died in 1915. The company survived until it went bankrupt in early 1922.

Information Sources

  • 1904-04-21 The Iron Age. "THE SHATTUCK-GEORGE IRON COMPANY, jobbers of Iron, Steel and Heavy Hardware, Wichita, Kan., who were established at Wichita about the first of the year, have found business so heavy that in addition to the present three-story structure which they occupy they will build a warehouse, 25 x 60 feet. Besides selling goods in Indian Territory and Kansas, their salesmen are covering parts of Colorado and New Mexico."
  • 1909-03-04 The Iron Trade Review. "Constructs new shops.—The offcers and entire board of the Shattuck-George Iron Co., Wichita, Kans., were recently re-elected as follows: President and general manager, F. W. George; vice president, John Massey; secretary, S. W. Shattuck Jr.; treasurer, W. B. George; S. W. Shattuck, Sr., Sedgewick, Kans., and J. F. Yungmeyer, of Wichita, Kans. The compay will shortly begin the construction of a factory building on Rock Island avenue, having outgrown its present quarters."
  • 1909-06-18 Wichita Daily Eagle. "WANTED Man to trim trees. See F. W. George, at Shattuck-George Iron Co., 140 N. Wichita."
  • 1913-04-13 The Wichita Beacon. "TRADE TRIP TRADE ALMOST LOADED. ONLY SIX PLACES ARE LEFT VACANT IN ROSTER. Although Trip Is Four Weeks Off, 74 Firms Have Signed Up for Representations List Rapidly Filled. ... The firms who have arranged to join the trip and their representatives: ... Shattuck-George Iron Company F. W. George. ..."
  • On 1910-10-18 the Shattuck-George Iron Co. was granted trademark 79,936, the mark to be used on "doubletrees, swingletrees, and wood parts for the same."
  • 1910 book, History of Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas.
    Fred W. George, one of the enterprising business men of Wichita, Kan., was born in New Hampshire, in 1876, and is a son of Fred and Ella (Holman) George, natives of England and Massachusetts, respectively. They moved to Kansas in 1876 and settled on a farm in Sedgwiek township, Sedgwick county, but four years later left the farm and moved into the village of Sedgwick, where the father became connected with the hardware business of S. W. Shattuck, in which line of trade he has since continued, being now-proprietor of the Wichita Iron Store... and after that, till 1904, represented the Massey Iron Company, of Kansas City, Mo. In July, 1904, Mr. George, with his former employer, Mr. Shattuck, organized the Shattuck-George Iron Company, whose business is located at Nos. 138 and 140 North Wichita street, Wichita, occupying a three-story building and carrying a full and complete stock of heavy hardware and blacksmith's supplies, and, in fact, everything found in an up-to-date business of its character. The officers of the company are: F. W. George, president; S. W. Shattuck, vice-president; S. W. Shattuck, Jr., secretary, and W. R. George, treasurer."
  • 1918 The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography.
    SHATTUCK, Samuel Winthrop, lawyer, was born in Boston, Mass., May 14, 1866... In 1891 he established an office of his own at Wichita, specializing in corporation law, and continued in active practice until the close of his life. His pleadings in cases and his briefs were models of neatness and clearness, grammatically constructed and forcibly stated.... Aside from his professional activities, at the time of his death Mr. Shattuck was secretary of the Shattuck-George Iron Co.... He died in Chicago, Ill., June 5, 1915.
  • 1922-11-26 The Wichita Beacon. "...Judge Thornton W. Sargent after he accepted the report of George A. Jefftry, who was appointed referee in the case of the Thermoid Rubber Company, Philadelphia, and intervening petitioners, against the Shattuck-George Iron Company. The money will be prorated to more than 221 creditors. The Sbattuck-George Iron Company was declared insolvent last February..."