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Manufacturers Index - Meeker & Logan

Meeker & Logan
Newark, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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For just one year, 1861, Meeker & Logan were manufacturing steam engines and sawing machinery. The business, operated by the partnership of Oba Meeker and Thomas Logan, were located at the corner of Bridge and Spring streets. Within a year the business was gone, the shop having been taken over by a firearms manufacturer. Oba Meeker was partner in foundry O. Meeker & Co., with Martha Meeker, which was active both before and after the brief existence of Meeker & Logan.

Information Sources

  • 1859-60 Newark City Directory: "Meeker Oba, foundry 31 Bridge... Meeker & Co. O. iron foundry 31 Bridge". The only entries for a "Logan" are Bernard Logan, laborer; Charles Logan, segar maker; Edward Logan, tanner; James Logan, hatter.
  • 1861-62 Newark City Directory: "Logan Thomas, (Meeker & L.) machinist r. 31 Bridge... Meeker & Logan, machinists, Spring c. Bridge... Meeker Oba, foundry 31 Bridge" In the text ads, "O. Meeker & Co., Iron Foundry, 31 Bridge street. Every description of Casting done at short notice, and on reasonable Terms. Oba Meeker, Martha Meeker."
  • 1862-63 Newark City Directory: "Logan Thomas, machinist 4 Ogden Place". An ad for the Manhattan Firearms Company "Shop lately occupied by Meeker and Logan, Spring, corner of Bridge street". "O. Meeker & Co. (O. & Martha) iron foundry 31 Bridge".