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Manufacturers Index - Union Iron & Brass Foundry (Sacramento)

Union Iron & Brass Foundry (Sacramento)
Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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In 1866 the Union Iron & Brass Foundry, located at 171 Front Street in Sacramento, was being operated by Williams, Heilbron & Co. and were making steam engines and sawmills among their products. By 1868 that location was being operated by Williams, Root & Nielson—who called the works the Union Iron Works— and we have seen the "Williams, Root & Nielson" name interspersed with that of Williams & Co. That firm survived until at least 1872.

Information Sources

  • 1869 Sacramento City and County Directory. "Nielson Alexander of (Williams, Root & Nielson), 171 Front st, rm 52 N st." Also listed is "Williams & Co., Union Iron Works, Front st bet N and O"; "Williams, Wm. R. (Williams & Co.), 171 Front st bet N and O res s side O bet 3d and 4th"; "ROOT H. F. foreman Union Iron Works, 171 Front st, res e side 4th st between M ad N.