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Manufacturers Index - Auto Mechanical Products Co.
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In the 1920s Auto Mechanical Products Co. of Chicago was making and selling items related to servicing automotive electrical systems. Such a specialty is not of interest to this Vintage Machinery website, which focuses on woodworking and metalworking machinery plus the engines and motors that power them. But Auto Mechanical Products Co. also made a metal lathe, which is why they are listed here.

Information Sources

  • Various 1922 issues of The Battery Man, beginning with the 1922-05-15 issue, list Auto Mechanical Products Company, P. O. Box 722, Chicago, Ill., as suppliers of Autogon Rectifiers.
  • April/May 1924 The Electrician. "Auto Mechanical Products Company announces its opening at 150 North Wood Street, Chicago, Illinois, where a complete line of electrical and radio supplies will be carried. Incorporated capital, $20,000. Incorporators: H. J. Vodicka and others. Correspondent: R. L. McVean, 10 South La Salle Street, Chicago."
  • April 1929 Chilton Catalog and Directory lists Auto Mechanical Products Co., 648-50 N. Robey St., Chicago, Ill., as suppliers of "Ampco" products.