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Manufacturers Index - Precision & Thread Grinder Mfg. Co.

Precision & Thread Grinder Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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      "The Precision & Thread Grinder Mfg. Co., South Twenty-First street, Philadelphia, has been acquired by A. T. Doud, Philadelphia. The officers are A. T. Doud, president and treasurer, and F. V. Doud, secretary. They together with C. A. White, are the directors. President Doud is a mechanical engineer graduated from Purdue University. He was formerly mechanical engineer for Hale & Kilburn Co., Philadelphia; general superintendent of the Speakman Co., Wilmington, Del. and works manager of the Diehl Mfg. Co., Elizabeth, N. J. During the war he was general manager of the Hero Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, which made gas masks for the American Expeditionary forces under plans and methods developed under Mr. Doud's direction. After the war he was manager of manufacturing for the American Tube & Stamping Co., Bridgeport, Conn. Mr. White is secretary of Leeds & Northrup Co., Philadelphia. He was associated With Mr. Doud at both the Hero and the American Tube & Stamping Companies. F. Rodger Imhoff will be associated with the new organization as consulting engineer. The company's multi-graduated precision grinder is used for grinding thread gages, taps, dies, chasers, etc., also for internal grinding. The company also manufactures a thread lead variator for obtaining precision lead from the ordinary lathe lead screw; also, to elongate the lead on parts which are subsequently to be hardened, to compensate for the approximate shrinkage in lead, eliminating correction grinding in non-precision work; and reducing the grinding correction necessary in precision work. Metric threads and any threads of odd or unusual lead may be cut by the use of the variator without requiring Special or transplanting gears. Among other things the company makes a gage block for testing lead screws and for setting and testing the lead variator and a permanent alinement wheel truing head for use on all the grinders. The company will be reorganized in all departments." (Quote from 1922.)


Information Sources

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