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Manufacturers Index - Handy Manufacturing Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
665,163 Jan. 01, 1901 Press for molding and compressing various articles George Bass New York, NY Co-inventor Oscar Bergstrom would later move to Chicago and work as a designer for clamp-carrier maker Handy Manufacturing Co. It is not known if this patent's wood compressing machine was ever manufactured.
    Press for molding and compressing various articles Oscar Bergstrom New York, NY  
D36,356 Jun. 09, 1903 Design for tiling Oscar Bergstrom New York, NY Of interest because the designer would later design wood clamping machinery for Handy Manufacturing Co.
781,958 Feb. 07, 1905 Clamp Herman A. Knoke Chicago, IL This patent is also found with Knoke's later patent, 810,543, which provides a quick release mechanism for hand clamps.
810,543 Jan. 23, 1906 Clamp Herman A. Knoke Chicago, IL Quick release mechanism for hand clamps. Found marked along with Knoke's earlier patent, 781,958. Mfg example has the second jaw adjustment on the end of each jaw instead of within the jaw body as depicted on the patent drawing. Jaws on the example are approximately 11 inches and are also marked W.MFG.CO. - likely either indicating the owning woodworking shop or possibly the mfg of the jaws for Handy. A Herman A. Knoke is listed in the 1900 Chicago directory with the profession of "saloon" and later as a machinist in 1910.
918,814 Apr. 20, 1909 Funnel Charles R. Barney Chicago, IL
946,140 Jan. 11, 1910 Draw-clamp Herman A. Knoke Chicago, IL
994,630 Jun. 06, 1911 Clamp Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,053,556 Feb. 18, 1913 Corner-clamping appliance Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,116,976 Nov. 10, 1914 Veneer-press Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,145,856 Jul. 06, 1915 Wrench for veneer-press screws Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,273,136 Jul. 23, 1918 Clamping-machine Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,334,732 Mar. 23, 1920 Revolving case-clamp Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,335,721 Apr. 06, 1920 Heavy squaring-clamp Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,342,891 Jun. 08, 1920 Quick-acting frame-clamping machine Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,342,892 Jun. 08, 1920 Miter-frame clamp Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
1,348,148 Aug. 03, 1920 Chair-clamp Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
2,321,174 Jun. 08, 1943 Means of fabricating wall sections and the like Oscar Bergstrom Chicago, IL
2,335,480 Nov. 30, 1943 Bending machine Oscar Bergstrom Evanston, IL "This invention which relates generally to bending machines is concerned particularly with certain improvements by which to perform simultaneously two or more bends of a single board made of some such material as plywood, pressed board material, etc. Such a multiple bend is desired for certain products, e.g., reflectors for fluorescent lights."
This patent is of interest because the inventor had previously designed a number of presses and clamps for Handy Manufacturing Co., a notable maker of such devices.
2,623,560 Dec. 30, 1952 Polygonal framework type clamping machine Alan H. Joseph Chicago, IL
2,796,095 Jun. 18, 1957 Clamping machine with flexible band work engaging means Alan H. Joseph Chicago, IL