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Manufacturers Index - Stilwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile Co.

Stilwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile Co.
Dayton, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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This company manufactured hydraulic turbines and power transmitting machinery. Their 1896 letterhead stated that they were "Engineers & contractors for steam & power pumping plants, hydraulic machinery. filter presses, cotton & linseed oil mills, complete water power plants, feed water heaters & purifiers, Victor turbines."

“The Stilwell & Bierce Mfg. Co., whose works are shown in the accompanying illustrations, are proprietors of one of the largest machinery establishments in the West. This enterprise dates back to 1866 and was commenced in a small way by G. N. Bierce and E. R. Stilwell, and this moderate start formed the nucleus from which was developed the enormous business now operated by the Stilwell & Bierce Mfg. Co., which was incorporated in 1870. Their shops occupy a frontage of nearly 1,000 feet, with large rear additions. The mechanical department embraces the heaviest and most modern machinery appliances and tools, most of which is of late 1ntroduction, the facilities of the works having recently been nearly doubled in capacity. It is operated by waterpower, with a steam power in reserve, and a force of about 350 skilled workmen are here given lucrative employment. The establishment is divided into three general departments, each manned by an accomplished engineer with a suitable force of assistants. These departments cover the manufacture of the celebrated Victor turbine water wheels, both vertical and horizontal, in a great variety of styles and sizes and power connections of all kinds, their catalogue of gears, pulleys, &c., being very complete and extensive; modern flour mill machinery, including Odell’s roller mills, reels, purifiers, &c., the good qualities of which are attested by the number of large first-class flour mills built by them; and devices for heating and purifying the feed water for steam boilers, prominent among them are “Stilwell’s exhaust heater and filter combined,” of which over 3,000 are in daily use and “Stilwell’s live steam purifier,” a more recent invention, which is very successful in removing from feed water, sulphates of lime, magnesia and other impurities which are beyond the reach of any heater using exhaust steam. Catalogues, fully illustrating and describing their various specialties, will be cheerfully furnished to all interested parties who will states their requirements and apply to Stilwell & Bierce Mfg. Co., Dayton, Ohio.” (Quote from 1891.)

"The Stilwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile Co. was formed in 1892 to acquire and carry on the business of the Stilwell & Bierce Mfg. Co. and the Smith & Vaile Co. of Dayton, O., manufacturers of hydraulic pumping and compressing machinery." (Quote from 1893.)

Information Sources

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