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Manufacturers Index - Acme Steel Goods Co.
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In the late 19th or early 20th century the Acme Steel Goods Co. put their name on a multi-spindle horizontal boring machine intended for preparing dowelled joints.

The Acme Steel Goods Co. primarily made steel hardware (hinges, screen door hardware, barn door hardware) and steel box-making supplies (pins, dowels, corrugated fasteners, band strapping). The doweling machine we have seen has "Acme Steel Goods Co. / Chicago, Ill." on an applied metal plate, which suggests to us that the machine was likely manufactured by someone else and Acme Steel Goods Co. was reselling it as a way to promote sales of their steel dowels.

Information Sources

  • 1908-04-06 The Iron Age, in the column "Price-Lists, Circulars, etc.": "Acme Steel Goods Company, 28 Elm street, New York: Price-lists of Box Strapping, Flexible Clasps, Crate Straps, Bung Tins, Wire Hinges and Corrugated Fasteners."
  • Article in October 1919 Barrel and Box on The Modern Manufacture of Steel Hoop—Facts About the Acme Steel Goods Company’s New Mill at Riverdale: "The business now known as the Acme Steel Goods Co. was organized and commenced operations in 1880. James E. MacMurray became afiliated with the business and was elected president in 1889 and has since that time and still is president of the company. F. C. Gifford, who was connected with the wooden box industry for a number of years, is vicepresident, in charge of sales. R. H. Norton is vicepresident and secretary, and Donald MacMurray, treasurer. For some years, one branch of the business was located at Quincy, Ill. The Chicago and Quincy branches were consolidated January 1, 1900, at Chicago, occupying a building at 17th and Clark streets. About fifteen years ago these quarters became inadequate and the company bought the property which they are now occupying on Archer avenue. To the original plant they have gradually added, and now they have one with a floor space of between four and five acres, crowded full of machinery for the manufacture of light hoop steel and articles made from this product..."
  • 1922 issues of The Iron Age list Steel Products Co. as makers of Hoops and Bands; Box Strapping and Fasteners; Steel, Cold Rolled Strips; and Steel, Hot Rolled Strips.