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Manufacturers Index - Offenbach & Reimus Co.

Offenbach & Reimus Co.
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Very little is known about Offenbach & Reimus Co. beyond a 1947 magazine ad for a small precision lathe. Ads from the company, beginning in 1947 and continuing as late as 1955, are for a variety of war surplus items: headphones, vacuum tubes, military radios, plus some random non-surplus items such as paint sprayers and the tiny lathe. We infer from this that Offenback & Reimus was purely a sales company. We have no idea who was making the lathe but it appears to be product intended to trick the unwary rather than as practical machine.

The lathe specs are 3" between centers, 2" swing, 1¼" faceplate, lathe constructed of steel and cast iron, motor mounted inside the base. The drawing in the ad implies a much larger machine, at least until you notice the enormous-looking toggle switch under the tailstock.

Detail from ad in December 1948 Radio and Television News

Information Sources

  • Ad in December 1947 Popular Mechanics.
  • Ad in December 1948 Radio and Television News. The ad is from Offenbach & Reimus Co., 372 Ellis St., San Francisco, and includes vacuum tubes, a power supply for military radios, an electric steam radiator, and the lathe, with its price reduced from $60.75 to $41.50..