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Manufacturers Index - C. E. Johansson Inc.

C. E. Johansson Inc.
Poughkeepsie, NY: Dearborn, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
17,017 Jan. 30, 1904 Mattsats för precisionsmattagning Carl Edvard Johansson , Sweden This is the original patent for "Johansson gauge blocks", which are very precise, flat and smooth blocks that can be "wrung together" so that they stick to one another to form a precise reference for measurement and calibration. Jo blocks are still used today and are only exceeded for accuracy by modern methods such as optical interferometry.
Johansson formed C. E. Johansson AB in 1911 to manufacture his gauge blocks. In 1918 he formed C. E. Johansson, Inc., in Poughkeepsie. In 1923, Henry Ford acquired that company and moved it to Dearborn, At that time Johansson moved to the USA to work directly for Ford. In 1936, at age 72, Johansson retired and moved back to Sweden.
1,740,695 Dec. 24, 1929 Gauge Carl Edvard Johansson Detroit, MI This gauge provides both coarse-reading and fine-reading indicators.
1,810,710 Jun. 16, 1931 Gauge Carl Edvard Johansson Detroit, MI This gauge simultaneously provides coarse and fine readings.
1,889,897 Dec. 06, 1932 Surface plate Carl Edvard Johansson Detroit, MI The intent of the grooves on this surface plate is to reduce stiction as when a gauge blocks "wrings together" with the surface plate. This is a problem with very smooth and accurate cast iron surface plates, though not with granite plates.
1,991,854 Feb. 19, 1935 Apparatus for demonstrating the adhesion of flat surfaces Carl Edvard Johansson Detroit, MI "This invention relates to improvements in apparatus for demonstrating the adhesion of flat surfaces, such as the accurately finished surfaces of 'Johansson gauges'." Johannson gauge blocks, or Jo blocks, were not patented in the US as they were patented long before Johansson moved from Sweden to Detroit.
2,026,684 Jan. 07, 1936 Demonstration apparatus Carl Edvard Johansson Detroit, MI For demonstrating "the effect of temperature as causing the expansion or contraction of metals, and to call attention to the necessity, when using gauges for very accurate measurements, of making said measurements under uniform temperature conditions..."