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Manufacturers Index - Hannifin Manufacturing Co.

Hannifin Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL; Des Plaines, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Hannifin Manufacturing Co. was established by 1916, and a review of advertising and announcements indicates that they specialized in serving the aviation industry. Arthur V. Hannifin assigned patents to the company. Its address in 1937 was 921 S. Kolmar Ave., Chicago, V. W. Peterson, president. Hannifin was listed in the U. S. Government publication, Prices of New Machine Tools as of March 1, 1941 (Revised 1943) as manufacturing machinery for "bending, broaching, punches, riveters." Its punches were branded Rock River.

Additionally, the company has a web page at Tony Griffith's Lathe web site. He notes the similarities between the Hannifin No. 10 combination tool room machine built for the World War II effort and ones built during the same period by Gilman Engineering Works.

After World War II, the company changed its name to Hannifin Corp., moved to Des Plaines, IL, and specialized in hydraulic equipment rather than machine tools. It was bought by pneumatic brake manufacturer Parker Appliance Co. in 1957, and still operates in 2019 as Parker Hannifin.

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