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Manufacturers Index - Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co.

Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co.
Chicago, IL; Lawton, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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In mid-1917 the Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co., 106, S. Jefferson St., Chicago, was established to manufacture chucks that had formerly been made by the Eclipse Machine Co. of Elmira, NY. In 1923 the company reorganized as the Nielsen-Barton Drill & Chuck Co. of Lawton, Michigan. That organization was formally dissolved in April 1926 and as far as we can tell their chucks disappeared from the market.

Nielsen-Barton made various models of drill chucks, including the Eclipse, the Barton, the Nebaco, and the Nebaco Special.

From December 1922 American Machine & Tool Record

Information Sources

  • 1917-09-20 Iron Age.
    To Manufacture Chucks in Chicago—The Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co., Chicago, has been formed to manufacture the Eclipse roller-bearing drill chuck, formerly manufactured by the Eclipse Machine Co., Elmira, N. Y., the new company having purchased the patent rights, jigs, fixtures and machinery with which the chucks have been manufactured. A shop at 106 South Jefferson Street, Chicago, is now engaged on a lot of 2000 chucks, and it is expected that deliveries will begin in 30 days. The chucks will be marketed by the H. E. Barton Tool Co., 106 Jefferson Street, Chicago, which also represents makers of twist drills,, reamers, cutters, taps and dies, hack-saw blades, files and high-speed tools.

    The Eclipse chuck is of the self-closing type and has been made about five years. It can be tightened sufficiently with the thumb and forefinger to start drilling, after which it automatically grips the drill. Keys or spanner wrenches are unnecessary.
  • The 1919 book, Modern Drilling Practice shows a drill chuck made by the Nielson-Barton Chuck Co.
  • April 1920 Machinery. "We have been informed by the Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co., 106 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill., that the chuck illustrated on page 582 of the February number of MACHINERY under the name of the Barton drill chuck, was developed by the Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co. and not by the H. E. Barton Tool Co., as stated. The error was due to the fact that the description was sent us by the H. E. Barton Tool Co. and hence the tool was credited to them."
  • 1920 Rudder Marine Directory lists makers of "Chucks, Drill", including "Nielson-Barton Chuck Co., 106 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill."
  • October 1921 Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment. 'Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co. ("Eclipse"), 106 So. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill.'
  • October 1922 Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment. 'Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co. ("Eclipse"), "Nebaco"), ("Nebaco Special"), 106 So. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill.'
  • 1923-05-12 Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record, in a list of New Michigan Corporations. "Nielsen-Barton Chuck & Tool Company, Lawton; to deal in drill chucks and other metal products; Vivian L. Hawkins, Nathan Hawkins, Sidney T. Bean, Lawton."
  • July 1923 Machinery, page 924.
    Nielsen-Barton Chuck Co. has been reorganized under the name of the Nielsen- Barton Chuck & Tool Co., and has moved its plant from Chicago to Lawton, Mich. The officers of the reorganized concern are: President, C. W. Johnson; H. E. Barton; secretary, Fred Lich; and treasurer, H. G. Nielsen. The new company has purchased six acres of land in the north part of Lawton, and has constructed a new brick factory, 50 by 100 feet." Elsewhere in the issue, in a listing of new catalogs and circulars: "Nielsen-Barton Chuck & Tool Co., Lawton, Mich. Circular illustrating and describing the Nielsen-Barton drill chuck, which is adapted for use on drill presses, hand and breast drills, and post drills.
  • Ads for Lovejoy Tool Works' drills invariably mention that they come with Nebaco chucks.
  • A chuck seen in a YouTube video is labeled "NIELSEN-BARTON CHUCK & TOOL CO. / LAWTON, MICH".
  • 1925 and 1926 chuck patents were assigned to the Nielsen-Barton Chuck & Tool Co. of Lawton, Michigan.
  • 1930 Marvyn Scudder Manual of Extinct Or Obsolete Companies. "Nielsen-Barton Chuck & Tool Co., Lawton, Michigan. Dissolution filed April 20, 1926."