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Manufacturers Index - Grand Specialties Co.
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Grand Specialties Co. was in business by 1923 and was making doorstops and other hardware. By 1945 they were making C-clamps, and by 1943 they were making clamp-on bench vises. They were also making material handling equipment such as hand trucks, barrel carts, and telescoping lift trucks.

Information Sources

  • Patents provided a lot of the key dates and products. All of the patents were granted to Michael J. Sasgen, Anthony M. Sasgen, or Fred P. Hopfeld.
  • Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations for the Year 1923 lists Grand Specialies Company, 3101 Grand Ave., Chicago." President and secretary were Jacob Koransky and Louis Klow respectively, who were also president and secretary of Grand Sheet Metal Works, W. 14th St., Chicago.
  • 1943 catalog from Grand Specialties Co., "Quikcet" Grand Speed Clamps.
  • Trademarks: View PDF of Grand Specialties Co. trademarks
    • 1951 trademark registration: S/N 600,012; no. 548,320, dated 1951-06-12 to Grand Specialties Company, Chicago, for hand trucks, class 19.
    • 1962 trademark registrations: numbers 394,590, 400,864, 422,441, and 424,982.