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Manufacturers Index - Master Manufacturing Co.
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Master Manufacturing Co. made indexing tables as well as an indexing head for a lathe. We have also seen the name Master Machine Tools, Inc., also of Hutchinson, KS, which seems to be a later incarnation of the same business.

Information Sources

  • 1943 A Directory of Kansas Manufacturers and Their Products lists Master Manufacturing Co of Hutchinson, makers of "Cylinder bar for harvesters and threshers".
  • 1952 To The Stars, a report from the Kansas Industrial Development Commission. "The Master Manufacturing Co. of Hutchinson is supplying the Navy with their Master Lathe Converter which are multi-purpose machine tool attachments for milling, drilling, boring, grinding, internal keyseating, slotting and indexing."
  • 1952 Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations United States Senate
    Mr. BROWN ...We have the Master Manufacturing Co., which is the sole producer of a line of lathe and machine-tool attachments, many of which are currently being produced for the military Services.
    Chairman McKELLAR. Is that a public or a private corporation?
    Mr. BROWN. That, is a private corporation. These are all private corporations that I am mentioning to you now..."
  • 1956 Trademark registration 634,813, published, 1956-07-10, class 23.
  • 1965 American Machinist. "Portable mills and lathes—Master Machine Tools, Hutchinson, Kansas 16-page catalog PMT-63 introduces a new line of Master tools, designed for use on equipment too large to move or dismantle: ram-type portable mills for use in milling, drilling, or boring horizontal and vertical surfaces; medium-duty LC-type portable mills; and a portable lathe with a tool post for longitudinal feed and cross positioning."
  • 1970 Directory of Kansas Manufacturers and Products lists "Master Mfg. Co., Inc. (B), 1300 Ave. A. East, Hutchinson; Milling, boring, drilling heads, feed tables, machine tool attachments, portable machine tools, erector type machine components, machining heads, horizontal mills, feed units, tool slides, shuttle tables."
  • 1990 Trademark registration 1,610,389 to Master Machine Tools, Inc., Hutchinson, KS, published 1990-05-29, class 7.
  • A search for patents assigned to Master Machine or Master Manufacturing of Hutchinson came up empty. We also did not find any machine-tool related patents granted to an inventor from Hutchinson, Kansas.