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Manufacturers Index - Semple, Birge & Co.
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In 1877 Semple, Birge & Co., an agricultural equipment manufacturer, was making "Culver's Iron Drag Saw With Snell's Extension Shaft".

Information Sources

  • 1877-01-12 Las Animas, Colorado, Leader has a small display ad from this firm for "Culver's Iron Drag Saw With Snell's Extension Shaft, also Sweepstakes Drag Saw with Log Trucks; Circular Saw and Frame with Sliding Table for cutting cord-wood, etc." Immediately below that ad is another ad from the same firm, for "Dederick's Celebrated Hay Presses. The new perpetual press bales hay without tramping or stopping." Both ads give the same address for Semple, Birge & Co.: 910, Washington Ave., St. Louis.
  • Page in hardware retailer Curtis & Co.'s 1886 catalog, for "Culver's Iron Drag Saw with Snell's Extension Shaft." The illustration shows the saw driven by a horse power.