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Manufacturers Index - Woodstock Safety Chuck Co.
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The Woodstock Safety Chuck Co. was in business by February 1910, with William L. Procunier as president. The company manufactured a drill chuck and was apparently working on developing a reversible tapping head. It appears that company was under-capitalized and went under in 1913 without making much of a splash. The assets—including a nearly-complete tapping-head product—was acquired by Peter Brothers Manufacturing Co., which achieved some modest success with the chucks and tapping heads. However, when the company was acquired in 1919 by a partner, the American Ironing Machine Co., it appears that their lineup of metalworking products were discontinued.

Meanwhile, Procunier continued to work on improved versions of his chucks and tapping heads, and by 1921 was manufacturing them under the name William L. Procunier, which in 1928 became the Procunier Safety Chuck Co.

Information Sources

  • 1910-02-03 The Iron Age, Volume 85 page 294.
    The Woodstock Safety Chuck Company, Woodstock, Ill., recently organized, advises that is is now in running order. The officers of the company are: W. L. Procunier, president; J. J. Stafford, vice-president; W. E. Miller, secretary; John M. Hoyt, treasurer.
  • March 1910 Modern Machinery mentions 1 12-page illustrated circular on the Woodstock Safety Chuck from this firm.
  • April 1910 The Automobile Trade Directory lists Woodstock Safety Chuck Co., Woodstock, Ill., as a maker of drill chucks.
  • 1910 The Iron Age, Volume 85 page 1089. "...where the stop on the tapping machine cannot be relied upon, has been developed by the Woodstock Safety Chuck Company..."
  • 1911 Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations for the Year 1911 lists Woodstock Safety Chuck Co.; capital stock of $20,000; located at 229 Benton st., Woodstock; president of manager William L. Procunier, Woodstock; secretary W. E. Miller, Woodstock.
  • 1914-07-23 American Machinist has an article on a tapping chuck and reversing tapping attachment "recently redesigned by the Peter Bros. Manufacturing Co., Algonquin, Ill. Both developments were previously in the hands of the Woodstock Safety Chuck Co., Woodstock, Ill."
  • October 1914 Machinery.
    Tapping Chuck and Tapping Attachment: Peter Bros. Mfg. Co., Algonquin, Ill. These are two products which were formerly manufactured by the Woodstock Safety Chuck Co., Woodstock, Ill. The turning resistance of the tapping chuck is obtained by the combination of an adjusting nut, a spring, and male and female friction cones. The taps are driven in the usual way by the square end. The tapping attachment provides for handling tapping operations on drill presses which are not provided with a reverse motion.