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Manufacturers Index - Mossberg Manufacturing Co.

Mossberg Manufacturing Co.
Attleboro, MA; Providence, RI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Mossberg Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1889 by Swedish immigrant Frank Mossberg (1858-1953), an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. The firm initially made tools and machinery for jewelry manufacturing, but by 1895 was producing a range of power and foot presses, a small rolling mill, and special machinery. They were succeeded in July 1896 by Mossberg & Granville Manufacturing Co. By 1900, the firm was eclipsed by Frank Mossberg's other ventures, manufacturing bicycle wrenches followed by automobile wrenches, which are outside the scope of this website. In 1903 Standard Machinery Co., Providence, RI, acquired Mossberg & Granville, with Mr. Mossberg serving as vice president. This may be the same Standard Machinery Co. that operated elsewhere in Rhode Island.

In 1925 machine tool manufacturer Frank Mossberg Co. was sold at foreclosure sale, with the buyer intending to continue operations. Its relationship with the earlier businesses, and whether Mr. Mossberg was still associated with it, is not yet known.

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  • Companies founded or co-founded by Frank Mossberg include Mossberg Manufacturing Co., Mossberg Wrench Co., Mossberg & Granville Manufacturing Co., United States Automobile Co., Standard Machinery Co., Mossberg Roller Bearings Co. Ltd. (London, England), Frank Mossberg Co., and Mossberg Pressed Steel Corp.