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Manufacturers Index - Phillips & Hiss Co., Inc.
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From December 1952 Electronics

In the mid-150s Phillips & Hiss Co., Inc. made a micro drill press.

Information Sources

  • 1955 issue of Electronics: "Phillips & Hiss Co., Inc., 1155 W. McCadden Place, Hollywood 38, Calif."
  • 1958 Instruments & Control Systems, ad: "Precision drilling made easy! The Phillips & Hiss 204-D 6" Throat 0 to 1/8-inch Capacity Sensitive 'Feel' Sensitive Speed Control: Foot operated, leaves both hands free. High Precision: Spindle true within .0002 inches. Table square .0001 inches per inch. Accuracy permanent, castings annealed and ground. Phillips & Hiss Company, Inc. 1145 No. McCadden Place Hollywood 38, California."
  • Undated issue of Instruments & Control Systems: "Miniature drill press. 4-page bulletin illustrates and describes maker's 'Model 204-B 6-inch drill press for small precision work; covers specifications, features, advantages.—Phillips & Hiss (formerly Cobb Precision Co., 6666 Lexington Ave., Hollywood 38, Calif."