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Manufacturers Index - Keen & Sons

Keen & Sons
North McGregor, IA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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The firm of Keen & Sons operated the Mississippi Foundry in Clayton County, Iowa. The made steam engines and we also have a report of a metal planer made by them

Information Sources

  • 1882 book, History of Clayton County, Iowa


    This was established in 1858 by John Thompson and George Keen, under the firm name of Thompson & Keen. These gentlemen were in partnership till 1869, when Mr. Keen purchased Mr. Thompson’s interest and ran the works for seven years. Then, in 1876, Mr. Keen took his sons into partnership, and the foundry is now conducted by Keen & Sons. Formerly the firm did work almost exclusively for the railroad, but now their business is more general in character. They manufacture engines, mill-work and all kinds of iron work. The original foundry was of brick, some distance south of the present location. This shop he leased to the railroad company for $2,400 a year, and fitted up his present place temporarily. The largest building is 46 x 80 feet. The next in size is 35 x 42 feet. Another is 32 x 40, and the smallest is 22 x 32.

    About eight men on an average are employed at this foundry. The business is prosperous, and is quite an important enterprise in North McGregor. It is located on North Street, northwest of the railroad depot. Mr. Keen is the brother of the Mr. Keen who built the little steamboat on the Turkey River, whose peculiar history is given elsewhere in this work.