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Manufacturers Index - Ontario Machine & Tool Works

Ontario Machine & Tool Works
Whitby, ON; Ajax, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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In 1947 the Ontario Machine & Tool Works manufactured a well-built little benchtop table saw, the "Artisan". Using a 7-inch blade, the saw's shipping weight was 63 lbs without motor.

The only surviving example we've seen. See Photo Index for more.

Information Sources

  • 1936-37 Iron and Steel and Their Products in Canada lists Ontario Machine & Tool Works, 112 Athol St., S., Whitby.
  • December 1942 Industrial Canada.
    Ontario Machine & Tool Works at Whitby Expanding—The Ontario Machine & Tool Works. Whitby, Ont., have recently moved from 112 Atholl Street to their new plant at 157 Brock Street. The new plant has approximately five times the space of their former shop and their capacity will be increased four times. Employees will be increased four times the present staff. They are manufacturers of tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, etc., and the only addition to these will be special war production.
  • July 1945 Agricultural and Industrial Progress in Canada, a Monthly Review, p. 91, lists Whitby manufacturers; Ontario Machine & Tool Works was making "Tools, etc."
  • 1945 accounts of the Whitby Hospital note a payment to the Ontario Machine & Tool Works for $108.90.
  • 1947 issue No. 11 of Machinery Lloyd, p. 103.


    This Bench Saw is equipped with a 7" combination cross and rip-blade saw which can be raised and lowered by means of an adjustable handle underneath the table, enabling the saw to produce any cut up to 2½' in depth. A special feature of the bench saw is that the table is mounted on accurately machined trunnions enabling it to be tilted to any angle up to 45° without removing the table inserts. In addition, an accurately machined mitre gauge permits angular cutting up to 120°. The table measures 12" by 15" and can be enlarged by means of two extensions up to 22" by 15", the extensions being attached on either side of the permanent table. The top of the table projects 6" in front of the saw. The base is a heavy cast iron construction and the choice of an aluminium casting is optional. The machine may be supplied with the saw spindle running in S.K.F. ball bearings or, alternatively in high-grade self-lubricating bronze bearings, the drive being by means of a vee belt to a pulley on the spindle from a 1/3 h.p. electric motor,...

    The shipping weight of the ball bearing model, with two table extensions, packed for export, is 63 lbs, not including the motor.

    The various special features of this bench saw render it particularly valuable for general purpose work, especially where small pieces are required to be cut at predetermined angles.

    The 'Artisan' Bench Saw is manufactured by the Ontario Machine and Tool Works, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, the sole export agents being G. R. Marshall & Co., Ltd., 12, Richmond Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • 1948 Ice Follies souvenir program has a full-page text ad from G. R. Marshall & Co. Ltd., 12 Richmond Street East, Toronto, "Sole export agents for the following Canadian Manufacturing Companies... ONTARIO MACHINE & TOOL WORKS, Whitby, Ontario / Small Woodworking Machines...".
  • 1958 edition of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Industry and Merchandising Division Hardware, Tool and Cutlery Manufacturers lists Ontario Machine & Tool Works Ltd., 432 Monarch Ave., Ajax, Ontario. The same organization's 1958 edition of The Machine Shops Industry lists Ontario Machine & Tool Works at 213 Monarch Ave., Ajax.
  • 1960 edition of Canadian Ports and Seaway Directory, in a page on Whitby, Ontario. "...Repair Facilities: Minor repairs can be carried out by Ontario Machine and Tool Works. There is a small dry-dock and repair slip, owned by McNamara Construction Co. Ltd. ..."
  • 1969 edition of minion Bureau of Statistics, Industry and Merchandising Division Hardware, Tool and Cutlery Manufacturers lists Ontario Machine & Tool Works Ltd., 432 Monarch Ave., Ajax, L15 2G7.
  • Wayne State University's collection of papers from the United Auto Works, including the "Toronto Sub-Regional Collection", includes in Box 41, papers related to the "Ontario Machine and Tool Works (Ajax) 1962", and in Box 62, the same company, "Certification, 1958".