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Manufacturers Index - Speed-Cut Manufacturing
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Speed-Cut Manufacturing manufactured a belt grinder that used a 2x72 inch belt. It was marketed mainly to knife makers.

Information Sources

  • May 1978 Popular Mechanics, classified ad. "Knife-makers, Gunsmiths, Hobbyists. Belt grinder-buffer Combination. Literature 35 cents. Speed-Cut, Box 399, Ephraim, Utah, 84267."
  • January/February 1981 American Handgunner, classified ad. "Belt-Grinder-Buffer. Make your own knives, stocks, grips, guns. Do your own polishing, blueing, plating. Literature 25¢. Speed·cut, Box 399·H, Ephraim, Utah 84627."
  • May 1983 Field & Stream, classified ad. "Make knives for pleasure and profit with the Speed-Cut Belt Grinder-Buffer Lit. 35 cents. Grinder, Box 399,F Ephraim Utah 84237.
  • December 1988 model Airplane.

    The new Speed- Cut Grinder is built to stand up to any kind of grinding or buffing job. If you’re into making your own parts or working with metal, you’ll appreciate the importance of a sturdy, rugged grinder like the Speed-Cut. It’s built stronger than it has to be; its base assembly utilizes two heavy-duty pillow blocks with sealed, high-speed ball bearings and lube fittings supporting a large, 1-inch-diameter main shaft. Key features include positive tension and tracking controls, which eliminate the possibility of belt movement, plus an adjustable work rest that can be removed for freehand grinding.

    For more information, contact Speed-Cut Mfg., 333 College Ave., P.O. Box 399, Ephraim, UT 84627.