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Manufacturers Index - W. E. Nichols Machine Works

W. E. Nichols Machine Works
Baldwinville, MA; WInchendon, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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In 1883 W. E. Nichols & Co., of Baldwinville, Mass., was manufacturing circular sawmills plus a 42" post bandsaw. In 1891 Nichols built a new and larger shop, which was damaged when the dam—used to supply water power to the shop—gave way.

By 1897 the W. E. Nichols Machine Works of Winchendon, Mass., was manufacturing box-making machines, especially a newly patented box-joint machine. By April 1899 the rights to that machine had been acquired by S. A. Woods Machine Co., a move that suggests money troubles for Nichols. In July 1903 it was announced that Nichols was bankrupt.

Information Sources

  • 1883 Millers River District Directory has a full-page illustrated ad from W. E. Nichols & Co., Baldwinville, Mass., for their post bandsaw with 42" wheels.
  • Ad in 1897-08-14 The Age of Steel. "W.E. Nichols Machine Wks., Winchendon, Mass. / Manufacturers of machinery for making the / Interlocking Joint Packing Boxes, Cases, Etc., of all sizes and descriptions. —Also Manufacture— First class box cover grooving machine, box cover thumb cutter and box pressing-up machine."
  • April 1899 The Wood-Worker has an article on the Nichols lock corner machine, the rights to which had recently been acquired by the S. A. Woods Machine Co.
  • 1903 Pettingill's Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer, in its list of Winchendon businesses, includes "W. E. Nichols Machine Works". The 1899 edition has the same mention.
  • July 1903 The Packages. "Wm. E. Nichols of Winchendon, Mass., a manufacturer of heading machinery has been adjudged bankrupt, with debts of about $9,500 and no assets."
  • 1949-12-10 Fitchburg Sentinel, in its column of events 75 years past (and perhaps other intervals such as 25 or 50 years), "A two-story building was planned by the W. E. Nichols Machine Co."