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Manufacturers Index - Collins & Greenwood
Last Modified: Dec 14 2010 3:24PM by Jeff_Joslin
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This company was active in the mid-1870s and made a variety of woodworking machinery. It may be related in some way to the firm of Martin Buck, also of Lebanon, NH. Laroe M. Collins of Lebanon, NH, was granted patents related to a window-blind mortiser, a bandsaw, and a planer; the last of those patents, from 1874, was assigned to Martin Buck. A Mahlon W. Collins of Lebanon received an 1874 mortiser patent. A couple of years earlier, he had received a blind-mortiser patent while living in Enfield, NH.

So far we do not have any information on the identify of Greenwood. As for Collins, it is not certain whether "Collins" was Laroe, Mahlon, both, or neither.

Information Sources

  • The 1873 New England Business Directory carries this listing: "COLLINS & GREENWOOD Lebanon, New Hampshire. 'New England Band Saws' cylinder planers, chair adzing machines, Dovetailing machines, tenoning machines, Buck's blind mortising machines." Thanks to Ben Campbell for providing this information.