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Manufacturers Index - I. O. Johansson Co.
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From the design patent for the Johansson vertical milling machine

This company began as the Johansson & Windle Co. in the late 1940s or early '50s. In roughly 1953 the name changed to I. O. Johansson Co. In 1965 the company was acquired by the Clausing Division of Atlas Press Co.

I. O. Johansson Co. made vertical and horizontal milling machines, most of which were badged as Clausing and sold by the Clausing Division of Atlas Press Co. In addition, they made box-column drill presses that were available in both radial and conventional variants.

Information Sources

  • If you are looking for publications related to I. O. Johansson, check also under Hydra-Tool Co., Inc., which reportedly manufactured some machines for Johansson.
  • A search of Google Books turned up a few data points that provided the date ranges given above.
  • The lathes.co.uk site has pages on the Johansson-made Clausing vertical and horizontal milling machines.
  • A owwm.org posting on a milling machine with both Johansson and Clausing labeling.