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Manufacturers Index - Haag Machine Co.
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This 20th century maker of industrial metal-spinning lathes was in business into at least the 1980s.

Information Sources

  • A 1948 edition of Power Industry has this snippet: "SPINNING COSTS GO DOWN WITH THE SPIN MASTER. 28 years of experience in engineering to meet the demand for superior Spinning Lathes, is incorporated in the Spin Master, manufactured by Haag Machine Co., Hawthorne, N. J."
  • A 1955 edition of School Shop had this snippet
    A new model Spin Master wood turning lathe has been put on the market by Haag Machine Co. Called Model 12-16W, the lathe has a 12" swing over bed and a 16" swing in gap. It is 40" between centers. The headstock and bed are cast of one piece in semisteel for maximum strength and rigidity, the company points, out...stock is fully enclosed. The spindle runs in grease lubricated, sealed ball bearings. The lathe is said to be ideally suited for metal spinning. A metal spinning tool set is one of the accessories available from the company for use on the lathe. For more information write Haag Machine Co., Inc., 222 Warburton Ave., Hawthorne, N. J., mentioning "School Shop".
  • The 1966 MacRae' Blue Book lists "Haag Machine Co Inc ., 222 Warburton Ave., Hawthorne, N.J. (spinning)".
  • The 1974 Conover-Mast Purchasing Directory mentions "Haag Machine Co Inc . Hawthorne, NJ " as a maker of "Lathes, gap, metal-working".