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Manufacturers Index - T. H. Symington Co.
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This business was established in 1901 in Baltimore, MD. In 1904 they opened a plant in Corning, NY and then in Rochester, NY. The company's main business was manufacturing and selling railroad-related products, but in 1916 they were making machinery for manufacturing shells.

Fro 1916-12-28 Canadian Machinery

Information Sources

  • The 1901-02 edition of the West Virginia Report of the Secretary of State lists corporations chartered.
    T. H. Symington & Co. Manufacturing and selling railroad guards; principal office, Baltimore Md.; charter issued July 11, 1901; charter expires July 1, 1951; amount subscribed $500; amount paid in $70; authorized capital $150,000; par value shares $100. Incorporators and residences: T. H. Symington, Baltimore, Md.; W. S. Symington, Baltimore, Md.; Richard White, Baltimore, Md.; M. J. Pendergast, Baltimore, Md.; Isaac Coale, Baltimore, Md.
  • 1907-05-24 The Daily Railway Age.
    E. H. Symington, western manager of sales of the T. H. Symington Company, Chicago, while riding in Lincoln park on Saturday, May 18, threw his horse in an attempt to save a boy from being run down. The horse fell on Mr. Symington's head, injuring Mr. Symington so severely that for a time his life was seriously in danger. As we go to press Mr. Symington's physician reports that he is gradually regaining consciousness, and unless unforeseen complications develop, he will doubtless recover.
  • 1907-06-13 The Daily Railway Age.
    T. H. Symington Company, The, Baltimore, Md.——Symington journal boxes of various designs for standard arch bar trucks, special steel trucks, M. C. B. passenger trucks, M. C. B. electric trucks and special electric trucks, Baltimore ballbearing center and side bearings of various designs for steam and electric service. Represented by T. H. Symington, E. H. Symington, J. F. Symington, C. J. Symington, D. Symington, W. W. Rosser, Carll Tucker, T. C. de Rosset, A. H. Weston and H. W. Baldwin.
  • 1907-06-28 The Daily Railway Age.
    E. H. Symington, wester sales manager of the T. H. Symington Company, who was seriously injured while riding in Lincoln park on May 18, is now rapidly regaining his health. He has recovered consciousness and his strength to such an extent that he is able to take some recreation.
  • From the 1921 edition of Moodys Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities.

    SYMINGTON CO. (THE T. H.).—Inc. in Aug, 1920, in Del., and as of Dec 31, 1920, took over all the property and assets of The T. H. Symington Co. of Maine, incorporated in 1906. Business established in 1901. Manufactures railway equipment, including journal boxes, draft gears and miscellaneous devices for steam and electric railway cars and locomotives, and malleable iron castings for all purposes. Plant located at Rochester, N. Y.

    Subsidiary Companies.—After the entry of the United States into the war this company undertook the manufacture of munitions for the Government. In the carrying out of these contracts it was found necessary to organize three subsidiaries, the Symington-Anderson Co., organized in July, 1917; Symington Machine Corp. and the Symington Forge Corp. The manufacturing operations of these companies have ceased due to the end of the war.

    Symington Corp.—This company was incorporated in Oct, 1919, in Del., with $1,000 capital stock to facilitate the winding up of the war work subsidiaries of The T. H. Symington Co. All the stock is owned by The T. H. Symington Co.