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Manufacturers Index - C. B. Rogers & Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
935 Sep. 20, 1838 Machine for preparing stuff for making window-sash Caleb B. Rogers Norwich, CT It is not certain that C. B. Rogers & Co. used this patent; C. B. Rogers began his operations in 1841.
2,425 Jan. 17, 1842 Machine for mortising timber Jerub A. Fay Keene, NH This is the only patent awarded to the founder of what became the largest woodworking company in the world, J. A. Fay & Co. The design itself is an improvement of George Page's patent 7,484, and numerous examples survive; Follow the link to the "Vintage Machinery" site to see photos of an example.
"The first of these improvements consists in the manner in which I have arranged and combined the spring latch by which the chisel shaft is turned round, and is held in place, so as to reverse the chisel...
"My second improvement consists in the manner in which I have arranged and combined the respective parts by means of which the shaft A, is moved in and out, in a vertical direction, so as to carry the chisel to the exact point where it is required...
"My third improvement consists in the manner in which I form the intermediate lever J, by making it oblique on its lower side, and combine the bridle D, with the upper lever C, and with said middle, or intermediate, lever; by means of which form, arrangement and combination, the power to be applied to the chisel, and its range, are adjusted more readily than in the ordinary modes of combining such bridle..."
18,080 Sep. 01, 1857 Machine for wiring blind-rods Byron Boardman Norwich, CT An article in the 1859-11-05 issue of Scientific American gives a detailed description of this invention. In concludes, "Persons desiring information regarding the purchase of rights may address C. B. Rogers & Co., of the above place. The machines are now on sale at the stores of all the dealers in the 'Fay' machines for carpenters and builders.
18,521 Oct. 27, 1857 Device for reversing the chisel in mortising-machines Caleb B. Rogers Norwich, CT "My improvement consists in the peculiar construction and application of a spiral way or guide, acting on a reversing check pin, to reverse the position of the chisel or mortising tool, for cutting opposite ends of the mortise."
26,787 Jan. 10, 1860 Machine for cutting moldings C. B. Rogers Norwich, CT
27,040 Feb. 07, 1860 Improved steam-trap Frank Douglas Norwich, CT An article in 1860-02-18 Scientific American about this invention concludes, "The patent for this invention was issued... to Frank Douglas, who has sold half of it to C. B. Rogers & Co., and persons desiring further information in relation to it, may address Douglas, Rogers & Co., Norwich, Conn."
27,704 Apr. 03, 1860 Steam-engine Frank Douglas Norwich, CT An article in 1860-05-05 Scientific American about this invention concludes, "The patent for this invention was obtained by Frank Douglas... and further information in relation to it may be obtained by addressing Douglas, Rogers & Co., Norwich, Conn."
27,986 Apr. 24, 1860 Method of adjusting the planers in molding-machines William D. Jones Dayton, OH Improvement to C. B. Rogers & Co. 'American Eagle sash & molding machine'
35,420 May. 27, 1862 Improvement in hub-mortising machines Edward Joslin Keene, NH
    Improvement in hub-mortising machines Dalphon L. Gibbs Norwich, CT  
38,898 Jun. 16, 1863 Improved power mortising-machine George W. Gould Norwich, CT
39,226 Jul. 14, 1863 Molding-machine feed Lyman Gould Norwich, CT
39,799 Sep. 08, 1863 Improvement in governors for steam-engines Frank Douglas Norwich, CT
45,677 Dec. 27, 1864 Improvement in modes of adjusting circular saws on their arbors C. B. Rogers Norwich, CT
46,425 Feb. 14, 1865 Improvement in sawing-machines C. B. Rogers Norwich, CT
49,584 Aug. 22, 1865 Improved journal-box William H. Doane Cincinnati, OH Seen as "PATENTED AUG. 27.1865" (sic) on the bearing cap of a 3-head sticker/molder. The same incorrect date was used on saw arbors from C. B. Rogers & Co.
"This invention relates to certain improvements on journal-boxes which are termed 'self-lubricating' because there is employed in their construction a capillary substance for conducting the lubricating-oil from chambers beneath the journal to the surface of the latter, so as to keep it continually supplied with oil as long as any remains in said chambers. The object of my invention is to so construct a journal-box operating on this principle that it can be more conveniently cleaned of sand and viscous oil; also to provide for conducting the pure oil from chambers at the extremities of the box to the middle of the length of the same by means of a capillary substance, and to provide for conducting the oil which escapes from the chamber back again into said chambers, as will be hereinafter described."
77,013 Apr. 21, 1868 Improvement in wood-planing machines Frank Douglas Norwich, CT Improvement is in upper feed-roll support and adjustment.
78,728 Jun. 09, 1868 Improvement in planing-machines for wood Frank Douglas Norwich, CT We have seen a machine base, likely for a spindle shaper, with "C. B. Rogers & Co. Norwich, Ct., Patented June 9, 1868" on the base. This patent is by far the most likely match.
112,444 Mar. 07, 1871 Improvement in tenoning-machines Lyman Gould Norwich, CT
138,244 Apr. 29, 1873 Improvement in planing-machines Lyman Gould Norwich, CT
144,199 Nov. 04, 1873 Improvement in planing-machines Lyman Gould Norwich, CT The patent covers a pressure-bar that can pivot to accommodate uneven thickness of the stock on the infeed side.
173,466 Feb. 15, 1876 Improvement in scroll-sawing machines William D. Herschel Philadelphia, PA Inventor Herschel went on to become the machine designer for Jos. O. Colladay & Bros. Lyman Gould was the president of C. B. Rogers & Co., and was an officer of the Uncas Bank of Norwich. In 1879 he became the president of the bank. Between 1863 and 1883 Lyman Gould also was granted woodworking machinery patents; it is assumed that any woodworking machinery patents granted to or assigned to Gould were used by C. B. Rogers & Co.
287,275 Oct. 23, 1883 Circular sawing-machine Lyman Gould Norwich, CT
290,327 Dec. 18, 1883 Sawing and gaining machines Lyman Gould Norwich, CT "My improvements related particularly to that class of wood-working machinery known as 'overhung traversing cut-off saws and gainers,' my immediate object being to produce at a reasonable price a machine which shall be strong and rigid in its parts, quickly operated by automatic power-feeds which are under easy control of the operator, and in which the heaviest work may be handled and adjusted with perfect ease by a single man."
425,272 Apr. 08, 1890 Self Oiling Pulley Daniel D. Tompkins Rochester, Monroe County, NY
425,572 Apr. 15, 1890 Self-oiling pulley Daniel D. Tompkins Rochester, NY